Sunday 12 March 2017

Shot at Queenstown

Here we have half a dozen helicopters snapped at Queenstown by Richard Currie.
 The Eurocopter AS 350 B2 ZK-HAO2 is c.n 7622 and has been with the Helicopter Line since September of 2013.
 Aerospatiale AS 350 BA ZK-HJP3 (c/n 2322) is from the Heli-Works Queenstown Helicopters 2012 Ltd fleet.
 The Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 Squirrel ZK-HMD (c/n 2782) is listed with Southern Lakes Helicopters Ltd. 
 Then we see the AS 350 B2 ZK-HRM2  (c/n 2721) from The Alpine Group Ltd.
An odd one out was the Bell 206B JetRanger II ZK-HRS2  (c/n 877) from Heliops Southland Ltd with spray gear rigged.
A nice catch was the MBB BK117 B-1 ZK-HMR5  (c/n 7173) as listed with Helilink Ltd. 
It wears the Heliflite titles on the tail boom and "Mount Cook Ski Planes and Helicopters' titles on the fuselage side. Also not the new Ski Plane Logo on the passenger door.

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