Friday 31 March 2017


Maybe no direct connection to the ZK civil register but interesting anyway.
Above is the Dash 8 H4-SOL (c/n 289).
This was originally N418AW from 1991 followed by N835EX from March 1996, then briefly to C-FNZM in June 2007 transferring to OE-HWG the same month. By September 2009 it was in Greece as SX-BIW until joining Solomon Airlines in November 2012.
 The Dash 6 H4-NNP is c/n 491 and was initially YJ-RV1 from February 1990. 
It went to the Solomon's in March of 2007.

The following pics are of some of the less active locals.


  1. Seconded! Would love to know the story of the Dauntless (imagine if it was a 25Sqn vet....).