Saturday 11 March 2017

Airvans down South

Another batch of photographs from Richard Currie showing Gippsland GA8 Airvans in the Wanaka Queenstown area.
The Glenorchy Air Services and Tourism Ltd's Gippsland GA8 Airvan ZK-JRR2 (GA8-01-006)  heading out to the active runway.
Another of Glenorchy Air's Airvan's ZK-ZEA (c/n GA8-06-102) does likewise.
 The Milford Sound Flights Ltd's ZK-MCM2 (c/n GA8-07-119) also trundled past.
 Meanwhile at Wanaka the Airvan ZK-MLF2  (c/n GA8-04-063) of Southern Alps Air Ltd awaits.
 Wakatipu Aero Club/Air Wakatipu's Airvan's ZK-SLQ (c/n GA8-03-040) above, and ZK-SLW (c/n GA8-08-136), below, are also on the move.

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