Thursday 13 August 2015

Really Really Historical - Supermarine Channel II G-NZAI at Wellington

This really nice photo of the Supermarine Channel II flying boat G-NZAI is scanned from the Neville Drake collection (although he didn't take it!).  The date would have been in the 1920's and the location is Wellington Harbour.

Very early aircraft registrations in New Zealand were in the G-NZxx series, which predated the ZK-xxx series that we still use today.

This Supermarine Channel II flying boat G-NZAI was first registered to the New Zealand Flying School at Kohimarama on 28/2/22 and later was purchased by the New Zealand Government on 1/9/24.  I do not know the date of the photo or the photographer, but I guess it is a famous photo - can anyone advise any more details?


  1. David Rendel has some details of this aircraft.and it,s flight down from Auckland,.Might be of help,

  2. Meant to say in his book Civil Aviation In NZ