Thursday 20 August 2015

Question time # 180 resolved

We finally got the answer.
It is the De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver NZ6001 (c/n 911) as photographed at Depot 480, which is near the top of the Darwin Glacier, during the 1957-1958 season.
I believe it is a John Claydon photograph. John was one of the Beaver pilots.
This is the only photo I have seen of NZ6001/NZ6010 fitted with louvres.
Its serial number was changed to NZ6010 in August of 1959 but it crashed on 15-01-1960 up on the Beardmore Glacier in Antarctica.
I've got some more pics of NZ6010 "on ice" somewhere but cannot find them at the mo.

The example in the RNZAF Museum at Wigram marked as NZ6001 is ex ZK-CMW (c/n 1084) and the flying example based at Ardmore also painted as NZ6001 is ZK-CKH (25).

Mit gains 2/3'ds of a fish and the first Anonymous is worthy of 1/3rd.


  1. Anonymous guessed A95-202/VH-PGL....

  2. No worries there Comrade Mit.

    You will receive the whole fish.