Friday 28 August 2015

Ashburton and Timaru on 27-08-2015

Continuing my sunny sojourn.
Ela Aviacion ELA 07S ZK-CEJ2 (c/n 09061140274) was registered to Richard Fitzpatrick on 21-05-2015 and is ex G-CEJH.
 Geoff White of Aviation and Industrial Distributors Ltd imported this Aerospatiale TB9 Tampico from Australia back in January of 1983. 
It arrived at Auckland on the 15th and became ZK-TGW (c/n 176) on the 19th. 
It was purchased by Alistair Chaffey of Rakaia mid December of 2011. It is currently being titivated at Ashburton.
 Currently listed to Paul Stewart of Christchurch and hangared at Ashburton is the Cirrus Design SR22 "GTS" ZK-VMA (c/n 1618). Ex Australian it first joined the NZ register as ZK-YUG2 on 10-12-2007 with Capital Aviation Ltd at Wellington. It moved south in June of 2013.
 Down at Timaru the 1966 classic Cessna 172G ZK-COL (c/n 54468) was tucked away in its hangar. It has been with R G Sinclair of Air Looms Ltd of Geraldine since July 1997.
 Over in the AVTEK hangar was the NZAI Fletchet FU24-954 ZK-EMY (c/n 279) of Jim Somerville's Cheviot Ag Air Ltd undergoing some serious work.
The Rans S-7 Courier ZK-KEL (c/n 0106426) sits minus is Jabiru 3300 engine.
This was registered to Hamish and Richard Kellahan of Geraldine on 09-09-2011.
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