Friday 14 August 2015

A Couple of Colourful Helos at Ardmore 10-8-15

My final post from Ardmore for a while as I will be overseas for 3 months.

These two colourful helicopters were outside the Airbus Helicopters facility on Monday, and offer a comparason between two similar Eurocopter designs.

ZK-HPV5 is a Eurocopter EC 130-T2 model which was registered on 3/12/14 to the Sir Peter Vela Family Trust  of Hamilton (hence the horses on the tail).

ZK-HTV3 is a Eurocopter EC 120B owned by Heletranz Ltd and it is normally based at their heliport at North Shore.  It has been around for quie a while  as it was first registered here on 7/5/02.

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