Thursday 20 August 2015

Question time # 180 revisited.

Question time # 180 revisited.

A  break from tradition this time.

This aircraft has not been on the NZ Civil Register.

The photograph was not taken in NZ.

The pic was taken some years ago.
Second and give away clue.
Oops - did I forget to mention that the pic was upside down ?

So all I need now is the aircraft type and a possible identity.

We already know that the pic was taken in colder climes.

Can you tell me that aircraft type ?

Can you suggest where the photograph may have been taken ?

Maybe you can suggest an individual identity for this aircraft ?

Get three out of three and win the chocolate fish.

 Below are the 5 comments from original posting.
  1. An Eastern bloc aircraft.Baffles suggest a colder climate type ..A twin ?
  2. Anon -

    Not eastern bloc.

    Colder climate correct - hence baffles.

    Twin - No.

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  4. Northrop N-3PB, or is it multi engine?
  5. Evening weheka.

    That will be a negative on both of those.


  1. Dehavilland Beaver of the RAAF Antarctic flight, at a guess A95-205 or maybe 202

  2. Yo there Mit.

    Wondered when you would com aboard.

    Beaver it is.
    Antarctica we already know.

    Wrong id tho.

    1. It's not the obvious? NZ6010/6001 cleverly trimmed to hide the lettering and black lip on the cowl..

  3. Anon - no it's not the Aussie c/n 964.

    Mit - Yes it is the obvious.
    Olde NZ6001/NZ6010.

    I will post the full pic etc this evening.

    Well done team.

  4. Better yet.... Is it this picture....

  5. Yes indeed - the very same pic.

    I just had to remove the wing and the ski tip rope thingi and turn the pic upside down.

    I think it is the only photo I have seen of "Our Beaver" with louvres fitted.

  6. upside down?..had me completely fooled..CKD..BXN