Tuesday 4 August 2015

Kitfox ZK-EWC

Back in August 2014 I did a post on the Denny Kitfox ZK-EWC2.

This is it below. 
Wayne Cunningham has been looking around for an aircraft for some months.
Some years ago he managed a flight in the Denny Kitfox IV ZK-EWCas built by Ernie W Colling of Wanaka.
During his recent search he found that this aircraft was again for sale. 
It had been purchased from Ernie at Wanaka by Ron Roberts of Timaru on 14-03-2009.
It did not do a lot of aviating with Ron and he was convinced to part with it on 20-07-2014.
So it is now with Wayne and is seen below taxiing back at Taieri very recently.
Sir Minty also did a post covering ZK-EWC in his series covering all of the NZ Kitfox's.

Sadly it suffered a power loss after take off from Balclutha on 25th July 2015 and was written off in the ensuing forced landing just at the stop bank on the other side of the Clutha River.
Both occupants were injured and spent some time in the Dunedin hospital.

Below we see a few more pics of ZK-EWC.

 These first two pics were taken at Ashburton on 07-02-1997.

Above is a shot of it in the hangar at Timaru on 03-05-2009 not long after Ron Roberts had purchased it, and below after I pushed it out into the daylight.

It was hangared in the North Otago Aero Club hangar at Oamaru for a while and was seen there on 01-07-2011.
Ron sold it in July 2014 to Wayne Cunningham and it is seen here taxiing in at Taieri
Below we have a shot of her at Balclutha not long before its accident.
First and last two photos from Wayne Cunningham.
I expect we will see it cancelled from the register very soon.


  1. The paint scheme reminds me of 172 ZK-EWD

    1. Yeah.
      It was a nice little Kitfox.

      p.s. I hope to get the fish away to you tomorrow

  2. What engine was fitted to the aircraft?

  3. The most temperamental tail dragger I have flown, not my favourite machine. Glad to see Ray and Wayne on the mend.

    1. It flew beautifully once you got used to her. I absolutely loved flying her.

  4. Mr Ernie Colling the builder of this beautiful aircraft passed away peacefully last Saturday.

  5. The last photo above was taken just 20 minutes prior to our fateful crash.

  6. The last photo above was taken just 20 minutes prior to our fateful crash.

  7. Ernie was my grandfather and I’d love to know if any of this plane is still around, I’d love to contact them and see if I could obtain the prop.
    I remember being saddened by the removal of the pool table from the basement in Wanaka but soon came to appreciate his reasoning.