Saturday, 3 May 2014

Wanaka leftovers. Next Question time.

Blue Bus is currently away doing what Blue Buses do best.
In the meantime - feast your optics on these three pics - and if you have nothing better to do :-
 List the registrations of the 14 helicopters from left to right.
 Six jets + one piston - from bottom to top.
Ah De Havilland !


  1. HCS, IZR, IDC, HDS, HVZ, IZD, IIB (7 x Cabri), HBX (AS350), ITT (R44), HSH (H500D), HBD (Bo105), HJG (Scout), HUE (UH-1L), HDW (MD500N)
    VAM (DH115), RVM (DH115), VLK (L39), SSU (L29), VAU (L29), JET (L29), RMH (P-40)
    BAH (DH-82A), N861WP (DHC-1), ADI (DH-83), ALJ (DH-82A0

  2. Thanks Anon.
    That saves me having to work it out.
    Well done.

  3. It was a chance for me to supply you with details for a change! Cheers, planefil