Friday, 23 May 2014

A couple from Feilding

Ben Coldstream has provided these two photographs taken at Feilding.
 Above we have the Cessna 195 ZK-BEB2 (c/n 7410) of B B Aviation of Feilding with the diminutive Colomban Cri Cri MC-15 ZK-LBW (c/n 12-0335) parked in the foreground. This is registered to Richard Ward of Rangiora  but was flow up and was trailered up to Feilding by his father Roger to attend the RAANZ fly-in held in early March of this year.
Below is the Aviat A-1C-180 Husky ZK-NWY2 (c/n 3117) of Peter Flintoff of Feilding.
Below is an extract from the NZ Aviation News Magazine's ZK-Register Update Column.
Our second Aviat A-1C-180 Husky (After ZK-TWA2) has arrived and is now ZK-NWY2 with Peter Flintoff of Torana Investments of Feilding. Built by Aviat Aircraft Inc at Afton, Wyoming as N37WY it gained its airworthiness certificate on 15-01-2011.  It has the 29 inch Tundra tires, a three bladed prop and an Alaska tailwheel plus upper leading edge turbulators. It moved over to Alpine Aviation at Alpine, Wyoming by the end of April 2011 and then to Joseph and Sandra Ratterman at Bacyrus, Kansas in December of 2011. Sold through Weaver Aero International its US registration was cancelled on 25-11-2013 for its move to Feilding. It retains the last two letters of its US registration as part of its new ZK markings. Peter also has the Jabiru J230 ZK-SLR.


  1. Jabiru SLR, And the Cri Cri arrive via trailer.

  2. Oops ! OK.
    Have amended text.

  3. Still has wrong Jab Rego Blue Bus! haha

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  5. Always great to visit feilding aerodrome, its great to see the imported cessna 195 and aviat husky