Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vans RV 9As of New Zealand

Previous RV aircraft had been designed to allow sportsman aerobatics and STOl performance to give good all-round performance. But with the RV 9/9A Richard Van Grundsven designed the aircraft for efficient cruising on lower powered engines.  In fact the prototype flew with a 118HP O-235 engine.  The RV9/9A can however accept engines up to the 160 HP.  The fuselage is the same as the RV 7/7A series but the wing is very different being longer and narrower (therefore having a more efficient higher aspect ratio) and using an efficient Roncz airfoil.  It also has longer, high lift slotted flaps to give a lower stall speed.

The RV 9 has a length of 20 feet 5 inches (6.22 metres) and a wingspan of 28 feet (8.50 metres) - compared to 25 feet for the RV 7/7A.  Empty weight is around 1,028 pounds (466 Kg) and MAUW is 1,750 pounds (794 Kg).  With a 160 HP O-320 engine maximum speed is 194 mph, cruise is around 186mph and the stall is at 44 mph at solo weight.

As at May 2014, there were around 900 RV 9/9As flying worldwide.  We have had 2 RV 9As in New Zealand to date, both imported from the USA.

ZK-RVY (c/n 91084) was our first RV 9A and is ex N115BJ.  It was imported into New Zealand by Peter Whyte of Auckland and was first registered here on 15/9/09.  It is photo'd above at the 2011 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 12/11/11.  Peter Whyte has gone on to build his RV 7A ZK-RVD and so he sold ZK-RVY to WR Garrett of Huntly on 21/10/13.

ZK-RVQ (c/n 90612) is ex N9612S.  It was imported into New Zealand by Total Entertainment Systems of Auckland (Stu Clumpas) and was first registered here on 23/8/12.  I understand that it was assembled at Feilding where a new cowling was installed, and it had just flown from Feilding when photo'd above at Ardmore, on 20/7/13.

We will see more RV 9/9As in New Zealand - one was reported at Tauranga as being nearly completed in a recent Sport Flying magazine, and another is being built at North Shore Airfield.

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  1. RVQ had a 180hp engine fitted on arrival at Feilding. It also had a Constant speed prop fitted. the new engine cowls are because the older ones no longer fitted with the larger engine!