Friday, 30 May 2014

I remember when. N1705Z came to town.

 The Cessna 336 Skymaster N1705Z (c/n 336-0005) visited NZ in August of 1963.
Here are two shots of it at Wellington.
This was the first demonstrator of the "push-pull" Cessna in our neck of the woods.
I went up to PNG and initially lacked the performance for the strip and high altitude work.
A trip back down to Bankstown found that it had not been producing full power and were made which improved matters.
Another modification done was to enable the entire rear engine to swivel to one side to ease the loading of bulky items.
For an in depth history of this Squash Master see :-
Below is a shot of it at Queensland Air Museum in 2012 following static restoration.
 Only one Cessna 336 graced our register - ZK-CGF.
The later - retractable gear Cessna 337 was more successful with at least nine being registered in NZ with two still being currently listed..

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