Friday 16 May 2014

Another NZRT Friday lunch stop.

A stop over at Rangiora today (16-05-2014) found lots of activity; although nothing that has not been posted on this blog before.
The Bell OH-58A Kiowa ZK-IXL (c/n 44062) heads off up Waiau way.
 Rans S-6ES ZK-JOL (c/n 08031519-1203ES) was pushed out to get another aircraft out. This was sold by the Canterbury Recreational Aviation Club to one of its member Brian Greenwood and its replacement with the Club (Tecnam ZK-RGA2) is expected to be delivered tomorrow.
 Also out briefly was the Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-JUG ( c/n 7-6067) of Deane Philip.
 Over from Hokitika is the Titan Tornado II ZK-KAA (c/n D97912COHK0271) of Mark Pfahlert.

Patrick Mason was busy - firstly taking his EAA Acro Sport II ZK-VWT (c/n AACA/635) for a run to charge the battery.
Then the Stoddard Hamilton Glasair III ZK-ELB (c/n 3289R) comes out for a quick local flight.
The Acro Sport is listed on trademe :-

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