Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A sunny day at Oceania Ardmore

A fine day in Auckland had Magnaman out at Ardmore where he captured these helicopters in the Oceania compound.
 The MBB BO 105 CBS4 ZK-IBO2 (c/n S-801) was registered to Oceania Aviation Ltd on 17-04-2013. As you can see it still wears its Jordanian Police Air Wing markings and serial P-02.
It is one of three imported from Jordan by Oceania in 2013.
 Above is the Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 ZK-IDV (c/n 3700) still in its US markings of N117LN.
It started its career in the States as N488AE in September of 2003.
It is another of Bryan Comerford's imports.
 Above is the Kawasaki built BK117 B-1 ZK-ITE (c/n 1083). It has spent all its life prior to import as JA6662 from late March of 1991. It still bears some Japanese script on its tail end.
 It was listed to Oceania Aviation Ltd on 26-03-2014.
Above is a 369E  - the registration of which eludes me at this time (anybody ? comeback).

Tis in fact the Hughes 369E ZK-IRD (c/n 0328E) ex JA9806.
It first hit our register on 11-03-2003 and was transferred to John Dunn of Auckland on 20-11-2012.
See link below for another angle.