Wednesday 21 August 2013

Some from Ardmore 20 August

Bolkow 105 ZK-HAK was mentioned a couple of times in blog posts almost 12 months ago when it showed up at Ardmore, see
It was back at Ardmore 20 August with the ZK-HAK marks more permanently applied to the tail boom that when first noted in 2012. 

Looking like it maybe headed for overseas fish spotting duties was Robinson R44 ZK-HCR.  It changed ownership to Western Pacific Helicopters of Wanaka in July this year and wears their name as small titles on the fuselage.  Western Pacific have deployed a number of helicopters to Guam over the years in support of tuna fishing.

And last, but certainly not least, was Vans RV-12 ZK-JRV.  This aircraft is based at Ardmore and featured on the blog in April this year thanks to Sir Minty :

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