Thursday 1 August 2013

Cvjetkovic CA 65 Sky Fly(s) of New Zealand

In 1987 and 1988, several new types of one-off homebuilt aircraft appeared on the New Zealand Civil Register.  The first of these was the Cvjetkovic CA 65 Sky Fly which was designed by Anton Cvjetkovic in the USA, where the prototype first flew in 1965.  It has not been built in great numbers around the world.  It is a side by side 2 seater of all wood construction, with a retractable undercarriage.

Its length is 5.79 metres (19 feet) and wingspan is 7.62 metres (25 feet), and its wing area is 130 square feet.  Empty weight is 408 Kg (900 pounds) and MAUW is 680 Kg (1,500 pounds).  With a 115 HP O-290 motor cruise speed is around 155 mph.

Eric Tynan of Te Aroha built our only Cvjetkovic CA 65.  ZK-FNY (c/n AACA/712) was first registered on 23/4/87 and is powered by a 150 HP Lycoming O-320 motor.  It is photo'd above at the 1988  AACA flyin at North Shore.  ZK-FNY is still current and still in the family, with ownership transferring to Eric's son Brett Tynan on 24/7/07.

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