Tuesday 6 August 2013

Just another day at the Office.

This could almost be a scene from the "Dry Valleys" - but it's not.
It is the Mount Hutt Helicopters 2013 Ltd's Aerospatiale AS 350BA ZK-HDQ2 (c/n 1932) about to uplift the troops from Mt Potts.
Below back at base after the event - showing its new colour scheme.
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Today at Heli Maintenance I noted the Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HTZ3 (c/n 12261).
This began its NZ career as ZK-HLD5 with Kaikoura Helicopters from July of 2008 but was re-registered as HTZ prior to sale to Darfield Helicopters in March 2011.
It was re-listed to Humphreys Mining Ltd of Darfield on 26-11-2012 and now wears a modified Kaikoura Helicopters colour scheme.
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