Wednesday 7 August 2013

I remember when.

 WU 13 came to town.
This was the first Lancaster that I had seen.
What impressed me most was its size.
It was much smaller than I expected.
Not much bigger than the DC-3.
The date was December of 1962.
At Wellington.
You can still see this aircraft today at MoTaT.


  1. ahhh Wellington 1962.I was 14 but still also remember WU13 coming in from Noumea.Happened more than once from memory and somewhere in the attic theres some 120box camera shots taken at the same spot.Note the B170 standing in the background.Also remember the 0500 wake up call from 3 streets from the runway every morning when the 1st B170 took off.The locals would have a fit now!

  2. Aye Lad. Those were the days.

  3. Is that you John A ?
    Did you happen to go to school with a Keith M ?

  4. affirmative and yes.Believe latter is in AKL AND "Sir Minty" but hav no way to contact.PM me at

  5. As a teenager remember seeing it land at Rongotai quite a few times. It was overhauled at the old De Havilland hangar and I worked on it as I had a school holiday job there.