Thursday 29 August 2013

Scenic Circle Cessnas

Earl Hagaman, the boss of Scenic Circle Hotels, gets around his New Zealand chain of hotels in his own aircraft.
The primary aircraft is the Cessna P210N Centurion ZK-SCH [Scenic Circle Hotels]
 (c/n P21000718) which flew into Christchurch from Honolulu and Pago Pago on 25-02-2004 as N6109W.
It is seen below at Rangiora on 25-03-2004 and yes the bent prop in the background is a result of an incident three days previous.
It was registered as ZK-SCH on 13-04-2004 to the Scenic Circle Hotels Ltd and is based in the Company hangar at Christchurch International Airport.
An earlier aircraft that Earl purchased is the Cessna 182P Skylane ZK-EKK (c/n 18263492).
This came in from Noumea on 01-07-1977 and was registered to Dalhoff and King on 14-07-1977 before moving south to Peter Bowmar of Waikaia from 28-10-1982.
Earl acquired it towards the end on June 1989 and it is kept in the same Christchurch hangar as a back up aircraft
Note that both have vortex generators on the upper leading edge of the wings.
Both aircraft were captured outside on Tuesday the 27th.

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  1. Great aircraft. I flew a P210 in Alice Springs for a few years. It was really great getting up above the turbulence. It was a really quiet aircraft and would be great for NZ. Pity about the prop!