Sunday 18 August 2013

Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser ZK-DQZ.

Piper PA-24-140 Cherokee Cruiser ZK-DQZ c/n 28-7425335.
Built and flown under the US registration of N9609N.
Arrived in Auckland 18-09-1974.
Assembled by, and registered to Airwork (NZ) Ltd at Ardmore on 27-09-1974.
NZ CofA issued the same day.
I then have the name of E R Monkton as its first operator followed closely by lease to Eagle Aviation Ltd of Hamilton from 22-11-1974.
 These first two photos were taken at Hamilton on 19-03-1975 in its Eagle Flying Academy markings.
 To those with an enthusiasts leaning - the manufacturers data plate can be seen on the fuselage just forward of the leading edge of the horizontal tailplane.

The next operators were U-Fly Services Ltd from 27-05-1980; L T Hewlett from 24-02-1981 and then Paul Harrington from 03-10-1986 - All of Auckland.
It then went on line (hired) to with the Waitemata Aero Club.
The above photo, taken  at Ardmore on 02-12-1993, shows it in a new colour scheme and with a false extra fuselage side window - to make it look like its bigger brothers - before returning to Paul Harrington (Agencies) Ltd of Manurewa on 01-05-1994.
From 01-09-1996 it went to Flight Safety (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore until being returned to Paul Harrington Agencies Ltd on 23-12-1999.

Canterbury Aero Club (Inc) took it over from 27-03-2000 and it is seen below in the Club hangar on 21-04-2000 with the Club name on the engine cowling.
 Photograph below was taken at Rangiora on 27-05-2007 in the colour scheme it retained for the remainder of its Club service.
 The Club had a "Last" fly-in at Wigram (before its closure) on 20-09-2008 - as seen below.
 Below is a typical line up outside the Canterbury Club as seen on 08-12-2011 with ZK-DQZ wearing a stray rudder for the occasion. (Compare it with the Archer in the background).
The Alpha ZK-VCF was one of five purchased in 2010 with the intention of them replacing the Cherokee 140's.

Above - as seen at Christchurch on 20-05-12.
It has now been withdrawn from use with an airframe time of 15229 hours.
This is by far the lowest houred 140 airframe in this collection.

At rest 16-08-2013.


  1. Does anyone know where all these airframes ended up?

  2. It's now in Air NZ Academy of Learning