Thursday 15 August 2013


The outbound flow of aircraft from NZ continues with the departure 14 August from Auckland for Lord Howe Island of Reims/Cessna F406 ZK-XLF (see and today, 15 August, saw the arrival at Ardmore for ferry tank fitment of Britten Norman Islander's ZK-MSF and ZK-TSS.  These two are on the long journey to a new home in Germany for the Pacific route.  They follow the export of ZK-MFN in March and ZK-ZQN in July.  

In addition to these three twins, Cessna 421 ZK-TRC, under its VH-VPY identity, departed NZ earlier in the month for its new Australian home (see

Arriving at Ardmore, Agairnz photos

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  1. Also ZK-NNN is heading overseas in the next couple of days