Monday 2 July 2012

PZL Wilga ZK-PZN at North Shore 30/6/2012

A visit to North Shore airfield on Saturday produced Wilga ZK-PZN in the Aero Club hangar. Although it has quite a history around the North Shore, this was the first time that I have seen it there.

The PZL-104 Wilga (Wilga is Polish for Golden Oriole - that must be a strange looking bird), is manufactured by CNSPL Panstwowe Zaklady Lornicze (that's why we say PZL!), of Warsaw in Poland.  It is a large 4 seater STOL aircraft that was in production from 1962 to 2006.  You can see the STOL wing features in the photo.

ZK-PZN (c/n 140548) is a Model 35 with an Ivchenko AI-14  radial engine, and was first registered in the UK as G-BHUN to Wladslaw Radwonsk of Lasham on 12/5/80.  It was damaged in a storm on 23/7/87 and stored until it was sold to Boguslaw Jerzy Szulc of Walsall on 19/7/91.  It was cancelled from the UK register on12/9/91 and returned to Poland for refurbishing.

It was imported into New Zealand by Alternate Aviation (Dougall Dallison)of Taupo, and it was first registered on 11/5/92.  It was assembled at Ardmore and sold to Aeroplan of Albany on 14/5/93.  It was then sold to K  E Scott & Associates of Rangiora on 31/10/94, with whom it was damaged in a heavy landing at Pyramid Valley in North Canterbury on 15/1/95.  It then returned to the North Shore with NZ Aerial Mapping of Albany on 1/10/99.  Next it went to Maruia River Lodge of Murchison on 31/5/01 and then back to Go Pix of Auckland on 24/11/09.  Finally it was sold to the Yak 52 Syndicate of North shore on 29/5/10.

Thanks to Blue Bus for all the info!

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