Sunday 29 July 2012

Piper L18C ZK-KEZ

In the early 1950's Piper Aircraft produced numerous Cub variants under the Mutual Defence Air Pact. (MDAP). This is where the US Government supplied aircraft to foreign nations for military use. One such aircraft is now registered as ZK-KEZ.
This was built as an Piper L-18C for the USAF and was given the US military serial number of 51-15628. Its Piper construction number was 18-1628. Under the MDAP scheme it was supplied to the French Army (ALAT) and received the French military serial of 181628 (the same as its Piper c/n).
By early 1970 it had been withdrawn and appeared on gthe Belgian civil register as OO-SPL with the Aero Para Club at Spa. On 24-06-1982 it turned up on the UK civil register as G-BKEZ to Anthony Nicholas Gouvenot-Gardiner of Hitchin (I suspect via Cliff Lovel who is a well known restorer of - especially DH aircraft). In OCtober of 1984 it passed on to Goeff Harfield of Newbury and then to David Marwick, down Farnborough way.
For a pic of her in its UK marks look here :-

David imported the aircraft, and himself, to NZ and registered the Cub here - using the last three letters of its UK registration - nto create  ZK-KEZ on 30-01-1998. It was sold to Paul and Philippa Hally on 30-10-2009 and then to Rivendell Trust 61 of Waddington  (West of Christchurch) on 29-06-2011.
Below it is seen at Rangiora on Friday 28-07-2012 - thanks to Allan Bowman.
Top pic was taken at Wanaka on 10-04-1998.

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