Thursday 5 July 2012

More Folding Wings at North Shore 30/6/2012 - Proctor ZK-ARP

The Percival Proctor was developed from the Vega Gull and the proptotype first flew in October 1939.  It was used as a radio trainer and communications aircraft during WW 2.  The Proctor 5 was a civilianised version that was produced after the war, and 150 were built.  Some have unkindly said that the Proctor was an exercise in how big you could build a 4 seater aircraft.

Proctor 5 ZK-ARP seen at North Shore last weekend in its folded form.  It hasn't flown for quite some time.

ZK-ARP (c/n AE 97) was first registered as G-AIEO on 26/9/46 to R K Dundas of London.  It arrived in New Zealand and was registered to the Wairarapa and Ruahine Aero Club at Masterton on 13/8/48.  On 29/6/51 it was sold to the Wellington Aero Club and the on 28/3/58 to G M Newcombe of Wellington.  It then was stored before being sold to Frank Brittain of Palmerston North on 17/6/66.  Frank rebuilt it and it flew again on 10/12/77, named "Girtie".  The above photo shows it in Frank's ownership at Masterton around 1981.  Finally it was sold to the ARP Syndicate of North Shore on 14/5/97 with whom it is still current.

An earlier photo of ZK-ARP can be found in the Ed Coates Collection at:

Thanks to Blue Bus for the information.

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