Thursday 19 July 2012

Homegrown Single Seat Homebuilt Aircraft of New Zealand (3) - Horn TH 1

The Horn TH 1 was one of New Zealand's first homegrown homebuilt and I think it took advantage of the then new microlight rules and the Experimental category.  It was designed and built in Levin during the 1980's  by Tom Horn and it was intended as a 3/4 scale Mustang.  It is surprisingly large for a microlight and features a 1.8 litre Subaru engine.

ZK-TLH (c/n MAANZ/423) was first registered to Tom Horn of Levin on 17/4/89.  Tom sold it to his cousin Graham Horn of Taupo on 2/9/02 although I think Graham may have been operating it for some time before the change of ownership.  Finally it was sold to Brian Taylor of Whangarei on 2/8/04.  Brian  constructed a new cowling and added a turbo charger to the Subaru engine and has flown it quite a bit around the North of the North Island.

A link to an earlier post on ZK-TLH is at:

Thanks to Brian Taylor for the photo.

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