Sunday 15 July 2012

Photos of ZK-HNY in later schemes.

Following on from the initial blog covering the Aerospatiale SA319B Alouette 111 ZK-HNY at :-

I have recieved the following two photographs from Hans Zurniwen of Zermatt in Switzerland.
The First view is of her as I-OYEN in the Eli Alpi markings.
Bottom view is it as HB-XJK whilst with Hei TV and taken between May 1996 and February 1999.

 Below is an extract from Han's email :-

"  Its great to see the story of the lamas and alouettes in nz in such
> great historic pictures!
> I'm writing from Zermatt, Switzerland, where the Company Air-Zermatt is
> located. Nearly 40 years the lamas and alouettes were the backbone of
> this company, doing high-mountain rescues, constructing and
> tourism-flights. The time for these great helicopters is now more or
> less over, only two lamas are working high up in the mountains (4000m),
> where the Astar does not (yet) make a good job."

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