Sunday 8 July 2012


Aerospatiale SA-315B Lama ZK-HDX was c/n 2226 and was number four in a pre-production batch of 5 airframes. It was registered to Helicopters (NZ) Ltd of Nelson on 28-10-1971 and first flew here on November 1st.
These two upper photo's show it over nighting at Wellington Airport on 24/25-02-1972
Below is a colour shot taken at Taupo in July 1973 and comes from the CMM collection.
I then have a note to say that it went off to Canada in about March of 1973 to United Helicopters of Calgary but returned to NZ and was re-listed to H/C (NZ) Ltd on 20-01-1976.
Below is another pic from CMM showing it at Christchurch in May of 1978.
It's NZ registration was cancelled on 22-08-1984 and it became G-BLLX with Dollar Air Servises Ltd at Coventry Airport on the same date. Two years later it went off to france and became F-GFCM from 15-07-1986 with Service Aerien Francais (SAF) at Fontenex. I believe it is still active.

Below are some links to this Lama in later overseas markings.


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    Full history of Lama MSN 2226 is available here :

  2. United Helicopters operated ZK-HDX in Fiji 1973-1976, under NZ registration.