Monday 19 October 2009

Spring Clean

A brief visit to Ardmore today bore witness to Hawker Pacific having what appeared to be a spring clean with a number of aircraft sitting outside and other activities alluding to a bit of a tidy up in progress.
Notably, the two recently delivered Diamond Twin Star's for Massey Aviation, ZK-MTR and ZK-MTS, sat outside albeit minus engine cowls and tightly parked making photos difficult. Also from the Massey fleet were DA40's ZK-MTA and ZK-MTE.

Coming on to the NZ register last month was Cessna TU206C ZK-JAO, registered to Mountain High Helicopters of Auckland and coming from Japan where it was JA3453 and noted by me in those markings a few months ago nestled in the Hawker Pacific hanger.

Wheeled outside the hanger was Kawasaki Hughes 500 ZK-IAC minus rotor blades and just inside the hanger doors was an unidentified Hughes 500 variant with a white cargo pod. Also in the hanger was Cessna R172K ZK-TXP (not noted by me previously) and 5 Eurocopter 130's. Snugly perched in the back of the hanger was Aero Commander 690 ZK-PVB of Aerial Mappings undergoing what is believed to be a major navcom upgrade pending a working trip to Nepal.

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