Thursday 29 October 2009

Question time # 75 resolved

The aircraft in question was Pipistrel Sinus 912 ZK-GPI , c/n 134SN9120204kit49 , as registered to Pipistrel Aircraft NZ Ltd of Kerikeri (Alan & Donna Clarke) since 10-11-2006.

A second aircraft ZK-GIM2 , c/n 129S9120104 is with Kester Holdings of Auckland.
All photographs kindly supplied by Andy Heap. Taken during a photo shoot over the Lyttelton Harbour.

And the winner is :-

Well :- an early Anonymous mentioned a "High performance glider wing". Afraid the Sinus is not [in my view] in the high performance class.

Henry almost got it with the type and gave us the two Sinus registrations. Shame about the 503 reference.

Wayne started off ok but then removed his comments.

And then - [by the hair of my chinie chin chin] - another Anonymous gives all the details required.

So feeling extra generous tonight :- If Henry & the final Anonymous would like to send their snail mail address to me at I will flick a fish in your direction.

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