Tuesday 27 October 2009

Question time # 75 reviewed.

Alright then. try yet another clue ! [added Thursday 29th].
Yet another clue for you. [added Wednesday 28th Oct].
Does this help narrow it down in any way ?

An additional clue [above] shows another aspect of the same aeronautical device as the original pic below.
So we are still trying to establish what the original photo [above] shows.

Once we establish that - I then require the aircraft type and its NZ civil registration please.


  1. Just a really wild guess, is it the tail skid off a BK117 helicopter?

  2. Negative on that one there ZK-CKE.

  3. is it the new winglets on the ANZ 767s?

  4. Nope. Aint that either.

    I will bung another clue on later tonight - just to add even more to the confusion.

  5. Ok! It's a Pipistrel Sinus 503, either being ZK-GIM or ZK-GPI at a guess. Will try narrow it down now but just wanted to get my bets in first before anyone else did.

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  8. Well me ole fungus face guess Ill have to put my pennys worth in.
    Pipistrel Sinus ZK - GPI.
    1st photo wingtip
    2nd Lower tail section.
    3rd Ballistic chute.