Sunday 25 October 2009

Avian at Hamilton

Lurking behind the hangars at Hamilton Airport yesterday was the unique Cooke Avian Adventurer ZK-CKE/2. So far unfinished, this aircraft was registered to Bruce Cooke of Cambridge 19Nov2008. Powerplant is to be a Subaru EJ20 Single cam, with an Autoflight reduction gearbox driving an Ivoprop electric Variable pitch prop.

Work has proceeded mightily since I saw the project in Bruce's workshop early in 2008.

The first ZK-CKE was of course the second PL-11 Airtruck, built by Waitomo Aviation at Te Kuiti and first flown 9Mar1965. Seen here at Ardmore in January 1966, it crashed in 1967. There will be an article on the PL-11s in an upcomong Aviation News magazine.


  1. With respect to ZK-CKE/2, I understand that there is a problem with the powerplant which take some time to resolve. Hence the machine has been moved out of the way to its present position.

  2. Yup, Thats pretty much the story... Unfortunatley the whole saga is pretty depressing, as I have been relying on lots of people who have let me down a bit. hopefully something wil get sorted out soon, but I've heard that before in the last 11 months!