Friday 23 October 2009

Ardmore 23Oct

Helicopters ruled the roost today, namely BK117's and EC130's.

Of most interest was Kawasaki BK117 ZK-HKZ at Airwork. This machine has been undergoing a massive amount of work since first noted some months ago, and at last this prolonged testing has unveiled special markings to indicate it is powered by a new power plant. Follow this link for more:

Also in attendance at Airwork's facility were BK117's ZK-HEN and ZK-HPD, the latter wearing a different style of registration from the last time I saw it when it had the "ZK" prefix added.

Outside Hawker Pacific was a number of the Advanced Flight Eurocopter EC130 fleet, and in this photo is ZK-HJV, HKX and HXW while yet another of the example was tucked in the hanger.

North Shore based Cessna 182S ZK-JCV/3, nee ZK-MGO, was carrying out circuits.

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