Friday 16 October 2009

Choppers at Ardmore

Wanaka's Aspiring Helicopters have had this particular airframe, c/n 4734, for a few months already this year and it was initially registered ZK-HQI in June 2009. It was subsequently changed to ZK-HAH/3 and is seen here carrying out a maintenance flight from Eurocopter. The registration appeared to be temporarily applied.

North Shore Helicopters Eurocopter EC130 ZK-IFC once graced our skies as ZK-IMR/1 until the operator took delivery of a newer EC130 and it had what must be a personalised registration applied. This helicopter also featured in a blog entry during June this year.


  1. Thanks for the info, but please please don't use the word 'chopper' to refer to a helicopter. That's the term beloved by fifth-rate hacks writing for sixth-rate newspapers.
    A chopper is a large cutting instrument, not a flying machine.

  2. HAH . Aint 100mph tape wonderful.

    Tks Mike.

    I would much prefer "Chopper" to the horridible "Helo" used by many.
    [ pronounced as hee-loh ].

    I rather like "Mechanical Mouse".

  3. I could have said fling wings but that would have offended even more folk!

  4. I thought CAA had classed all HA.. reg marks as historic and not to be assigned.

  5. Yep.
    Thats what they say at

  6. Well that cut & paste didn't work did it.


    Then click on "Aircraft" in the right hand column.

    Then on "Allocation of Registration Marks".

  7. Hey there flyernzl.

    Have you made that suggestion to Brendon at Alpine Choppers of Queenstown ?

  8. So that's the local butchers shop?