Tuesday 13 October 2009

Question time # 74 resolved

Anonymous Barry has scored again.
Above pic looking south.
Below, looking north.
It is indeed the exhaust outlet area on a Fokker F27 Friendship.
The aircraft featured is the Ashburton domiciled ZK-BXG.
I guess ZK-BXH is near enough for the purpose of this exercise. [not many miles away at all - about 70km].
Oh ! did I fail to mention that the original pic was turned 90 degrees ?
How remiss of me.

Good one Anonymous Barry.


  1. Damn you! I figured out the 90 degree rotation by the cloud lighting - but you failed to mention the aircraft was 'modified' :-)

  2. I have one for you - clues (everything I know so far)

    - post 60's fighter jet
    - currently located in Germany
    - civilian ownership



  3. Hi Wayne.

    Can we please keep the blog strictly to NZ Civil [or closely related].


    p.s. I am still scratching my head on the type though.

  4. OK - how about:

    "can you identify this type, and have any been on the civil register in NZ or displayed at a NZ airshow"


  5. It's a Mig 29.

    Presumably ex Luftwaffe - they have retired the former East German machines they inherited when the wall came down - in fact they thought so little of them that they kept the F-4F soldiering on rather than fly them

    Can't imagine one has been closer to here than Malaysia (which is also about to retire them)

    As the boss says - bugger all to do with NZ or the Civil (light) scene

  6. AH HA !

    Chockie fish for you me boy.

    & now please - back to real aeroplanes.


  7. Thanks Andy - I thought Mig 29 myself but couldn't find any photographic evidence of that particular vent. And to stretch my tenuous stay here even further - the developer who is apparently going to tackle the Mig 29 just release the L-39 Albatros for Microsoft Flight Simulator - and there are at least a couple of those floating around NZ. A bit more of their story and some piccies would be great :-) I think one lives at Hood and the other down south?

    (p.s. you've blogged on ex-militatia before so you can't palm me off on that one)

  8. just in case anyone is following my hijak of Mr Bus's blog - for completeness here is the said Mig29 in all it's glory, complete with gun port...


    ***normal transmission shall resume shortly***