Sunday 11 October 2009


An afternoon at Helensville for a family birthday yesterday necessitated of course a quick late-afternoon visit to the Parakai airstrip on the way home.
By this time, on an overcast and blustery day, everything was locked up tight with just two Cessnas tied down outside.

182P Skylane ZK-KAL/2 is the local jumpship, registered to Sat Aviation since May this year. Before this time, it spent some years performing the same work with Skydive Tandem Ltd. of Christchurch.

A150L Aerobat ZK-TWT (guarded by the local watchdog) is a rebuild of ZK-YFA. After arriving in NZ from 21 years in Australia as VH-EUH, ZK-YFA was based at Feilding and Kaikohe before being acquired by Bryn Lockie in 2004.

The paint colours of TWT are far more decorative than the 'yellow peril' colour scheme used during it's time as ZK-YFA, seen here at Feilding in 1994.

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