Sunday 4 October 2009


Whangarei based Vans RV6A ZK-TRV came to grief at Waikato's seaside airstrip of Raglan on Saturday 03 October following a ground loop. The two occupants were thankfully unhurt in the accident.

Jonathan Rankin was on hand to capture this images, thanks!


  1. Damn that would hurt the wallet.

    Least the pilot and passenger were able to walk away from the crash.

  2. Ouch.. bit of a mess.
    Hope they "replace the divot" before the Black Sands Fly in in a few weeks time (The Black Sands Crew fill all the holes in the airfield before the event anyway...)

  3. How do you ground loop a nosewheel aircraft? :) Looks like a collapsed nosewheel following a heavy landing or maybe it hit a rabbithole.

  4. You are right it was was a hard landing followed by nose wheel collapse. My father in law was the passanger. Thank fully all were ok. They experienced bad weather on the way home from Nelson so the owner made a good decision to land at Raglan. Then had some bad luck on the landing. Last I heard the owner intends to re-build.