Sunday 4 October 2009

Question time # 73

Above pic added 06-10-09 @ 0648am showing all four in a line.
The two answers to date are correct ! So the fish has been won.
What aircraft do we have here then ?
As usual the civil registration is a requirement before consideration is given re the issue of a chocolate fish.
In the event of more than one correct answer I may require you to advise me of the aircraft types for the next two aircraft in the line up !


  1. are you wanting the P40 in the back or the MXR technologies MX2 ZK-MXT in the front?

  2. Too easy - too easy. Only took you an hour and one minute. Why so long ?

    Both actually please ZK-CKE.

    & what about the next two aircraft in the line up then ?

  3. zk-rmh is the p40

  4. YAK 52, P51 Mustang and something else

  5. thats realy easy - start from the beginning MX-2 ZK-MXT next we have P40 ZK-RMH, P51 ZK-TAF and last the mighty Goodyear FG-1 Corsair ZK-COR

  6. sorry I miss one more. The Spitfire ZK-SPI in between the P40 and the P51