Friday 16 October 2009

From the shoe box. S55 N5096V

Sikorsky 55 N5096V as seen at Wellington Airport.
Obviously prior to 13-03-1963, which was the date that it was damaged at Hurleyville.
I assume that John Reid would have been the driver.

I think the photo came from the Wellington Airport staff news letter about this period.

Any more info out there for us young ones ?


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  2. Remember taking photos of it at Wellington [long since lost].
    when I was a kid...
    Wonderful to see these old photos -thanks!

  3. Is this the one who's fuselage later became a sort of semi-portable bach/crib that could be taken to the work site as an accomodation unit?
    I recollect seeing this in the Naki late 1960s.