Saturday 1 August 2009

Rangiora sightings today 01-08-2009.

How big is big ?
Cessna 182D ZK-MJP c/n 182D-53552 , belonging to Malcolm and Morgan Price, cunningly disguised as a Cessna 185, has now got a larger pair of boots. It was converted to a tail dragger back in May of 1998 in Australia at the same time that it was re-registered from VH-MEC to VH-PBH for Peter B Hazelton. It carries a "Cessna 185" label on the fuselage.
Also some changes are happening to the Avid Mark IV ZK-JHW c/n 1434D belonging to Grant Porter. Starting from the back end it is slowly being tidied up and repainted. This is the Avid that was flown out to the Chatham Islands in April 2004 from Feilding by its then owner Paul Havill, accompanied by the Sky Arrow ZK-EBR. Note the under wing paint scheme.

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