Thursday, 13 August 2009


'Aotearoa' was the name of TEAL's first ever aircraft, Short S.30 Empire ZK-AMA, and has appeared on at least another four of their subsequent fleet.

The name was writ large on the Empire:

and rather smaller on the Solent 4 ZK-AML, which became 'Aotearoa II'

When the landplanes arrived, DC-6 ZK-BGA became 'Aotearoa III' in 1954

By the time 'Aotearoa' appeared on L-188C Electra ZK-TEA in 1959, the numbering sequence seems to have been dropped and just the name appeared.

Boeing 767 ZK-NBA apparently carried the 'Aotearoa' name at some time during the 1985 - 1997 era, before the aircraft was leased overseas

To round out the list, does anyone have any knowledge of any other aircraft that carried the 'Aotearoa' name?


  1. Not exactly Aotearoa :- But the Waco UOC ZK-ALA carried "Aotea" whilst with Blackmore Air Service in the late 40's.

    & in the back of my tiny mind I am thinking that the "Boffin Coffin" at Wigram had Aotearoa stencilled neatly on it. But don't quote me on that.

  2. Yes to the Waco, but of course 'Aotea' was one of the original Waka that came to Aotearoa. Not quite the same thing.
    B747 ZK-NZV also carried the name 'Aotea' at one stage in it's life.
    There was also the shortlived Aotearoa Airlines that operated Navajo Chieftain ZK-NCA for a few months in 1997.