Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Rangiora BD-5

This BD-5 was noted at Rangiora on 29-03-09 having recently been unoaded from a container in from the US. In the same box was the Beech B19 that has become ZK-OBI. I have not gained access to the hangar since (doors closed due to the winter chills) so it may well have moved north.


  1. Good to see yet another one.
    Willie Fly

  2. Yes, the plan is to get her, and/or my other BD-5 flying once I settle on an engine. I have a Nissan March MA09 Turbo 1000, but am considering a Suzuki Swift 1300 engine and leaving it normally aspirated for simplicity heat reduction and weight saving. As to the B19 Sport, CAA have insisted on it being a First of Type even though there have been 3 in NZ prior to mine. It made a single flight up to Woodbourne on a Special Permit until I get through the red tape and cost of Type Certification. In the mean time I am flying my other Musketeer A23-24 ZK-DII