Friday, 21 August 2009

Question time # 65 revisited.

Not even a wild guess so far !!!
Come Sunday night it looks like 'I' will be scoffulating the cyber chockie fish then.

And the question again :-
This ex military flying machine has had two NZ civil aircraft registrations. What were/are they ?
& while you are at it - you may as well tell me which military serial/s it carried or could have carried.


  1. Is it the Devon or Dove based @ Wigram Airforce Museum?

  2. NO.
    It is not the Devon @ Wigram - nor any other Devon - Not even a De Havilland product.

  3. CT4 Air Trainer?

  4. AESL Airtourer T6.
    ZK-CPG and ZKLDG.

  5. I think Mr/Mrs/Ms Anonymous got it...again! Damn him/her.

  6. Right:-

    Sorry Matt : Not a Blunty.

    Wayne : Don't give up as I am not paying Anonymous yet.

    Yes it is a AESL Airtrainer T6
    [CT4 Air Trainer is not close enough].

    It is indeed EITHER ZK-CPG or ZK-LDG. But which one ?

    It was NZ1762.

    It also had another ZK registeration and another RNZAF serial.

    SO - I am still looking for its initial RNZAF serial number ; Its previous ZK registration ; and its current registration (either ZK-CPG ot ZK-LDG).

  7. The sweet taste of chocolate fish victory!

    The mysterious history of AESL Airtourer T6/24 #552:

    Originally (1970): NZ1752
    Became: NZ1762
    Became: ZK-JBZ (broken by runway overrun in 1999)
    Reborn as: NZ-CPG