Friday, 14 August 2009

Recent cancellation GA-7 Cougar ZK-PAP

Another recent cancellation , on 14-08-2009, was that of the Gulfstream American GA-7 Cougar ZK-PAP , c/n GA7-0084 .
This aircraft arrived in NZ on 04-04-1979 as N9526Z and became ZK-SSS on 08-06-1979 with NZ Aerospace Industries Ltd of Hamilton.
Pic below at Hamilton on03-09-1979.
It was delivered to the Waikato Aero Club and listed with them from 08-06-1979. Air Hamilton Flying Properties feature from 19-08-81 and then C R & B E Bowden from 23-11-83.
As seen at New Plymouth on 12-02-1985.
By 10-07-89 it was with the Napier Aero Club, remaining there until 15-06-94 when Airline Flying Club appear in the paperwork. By April 1995 it was at the N.Z Aviation College (Ardmore) Ltd and then to the Auckland Aero Club on 18-09-95.

It returned to C R Bowden in September 1996 before moving to the Tauranga Aero Club on 23-12-96. On this same day it was re-registered as ZK-TAD.
It remained as ZK-TAD at Tauranga until sold to Paul & Philippa Hally of Christchurch on 01-06-2006.
Paul & Philippa re-registered it using their initial to make it ZK-PAP on 13-07-06. At the end of August 2006 it officially joined the Christchurch Flying School (2005) Ltd at Wigram. A name change to New Zealand Flying School Ltd took place on 21-07-2008.In December of 2008 it was flown to Timaru, where the NZFS were having their maintenance carried out at Avtek, and during the course of an inspection corrosion was discovered.
I believe it never flew again. [There was talk of a ferry flight up north but ?].


  1. Corrosion on the main spar I believe. That was the end of it then and there. It did have one last flight a couple of weeks ago being ferried up to Christchurch where it joined the Air NZ engineering training place...

  2. Thanks for that cessna185.
    Nice to know where it dissapeared to.