Saturday, 15 August 2009

Cancelled. Libelle ZK-GIC.

Glasflugel H201B Standard Libelle ZK-GIC , c/n 464 , was cancelled as destroyed on 03-08-2009 following an incident at Five Rivers on 08-11-2008 when it landed short and cartwheeled.
This would have been one of Bruce Drakes early aircraft, being listed to him on 07-12-1973. Its first flight was on 10-01-1974 with a change of ownership to D F Westenra of Dunsandel on 12-06-74.
It movd north to Frank Gatland and C M Adam of Manurewa on 15-12-75; to R A Gatland on 07-11-80 and finally to the Southland Gliding Club at Five Rivers on 12-01-1984.

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