Saturday, 29 August 2009

ZK-VVV has come to grief!

Hot off the wire, Heydecke V16 (I16 replica) ZK-VVV has crashed near Ponga Road, South Auckland, around 1730 today while attempting a spin. Thankfully the aircraft was fitted with a style of ballistic parachute and this has cushioned the ensuing crash with the pilot/owner thankfully ok to tell the tale.....


  1. Gosh how many times does it take !!
    Hasn't that only just come back into the air after repairs ?

  2. Is this the first time an aircraft in New Zealand has been saved by a Ballistic Recovery Parachute?

  3. Nice save by the chute, sounds like it would have really been splatsville without it.

    From the photos looks like not much damage.

  4. I'd hazard a guess that the impact looks to be minimal but being a composite machine it could still be 'written off'. Pity.

    Thank goodness for the owner he had the foresight to put in a ballistic chute!

  5. in this issue of vector