Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A beautiful piece of kit. Caravan ZK-PMT

Cessna 208 Caravan ZK-PMT , c/n 20800183 , joined the NZ civil register on 28-07-2009 for Skydive Tandem Ltd who operate out of the Pudding Hill strip at the base of Mount Hutt.
A 1990 model which now has all of about 1900 flying hours. It achieved its US airworthiness certificate on 22-03-1990 and was with Carols Planes Inc at Naples, Florida from 05-07-2006 as N165TC. It was fitted out as a seven passenger aircraft. It ferried from Florida across the US to Hollister Municipal then via Hilo, Christmas Island and Apia, reaching Auckland on 01-07-2009. It then hopped over to Ardmore for its NZ certification and moved south in about the first week of August.
These three photos were taken at Avtek at Timaru on Monday the 24th.
The office seems to be well equiped [& still retains its US registration plaque].
All the rear seats have been removed and replaced by squabs along the fuselage side.
The cargo pod has been removed and is seen here alongside a Cessna 185 to give some idea of its size.

A lovely piece of machinery and I imagine a great improvement on the Walter Fletcher.

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