Tuesday 25 August 2009


I have been asked off blog if this Edgar Percival Prospector EP.9 or Lancashire Prospector [call it what you will] has its ZK-PWZ registration marks on the upper wing surfaces.
Photographic evidence would be very nice.

I must admit that I have never looked.

As you all know, this is c/n 42, powered by a GO-480-G1A6 Lycoming of 295hp to a three bladed prop.
Its was registered as G-APWZ to Lancashire Aircraft Co on 05-11-1959, first flew on 23-02-1960 and gained its UK C of A on 22-04-1960.
It was on display at the 1960 Hanover Air Show.
After a varied career it arrived by container, in a damaged state, at Napier in June of 2002.
It became ZK-PWZ on 17-10-2003 with Kairanga Aviation.

Question again : does this aircraft carry its ZK-PWZ markings on top of its wings ?


  1. Yes it does have reg on upper starboard wing. I have photo taken at Masterton 22 Jan 2005.

  2. Thanks for that Colin. Nice pic.

    I am sure anonymous will be most pleased to see that photo.


  3. Thanks for the picture. Very much appreciated.