Monday, 17 August 2009

Another Teenie Two in New Zealand? - Not This One!

While I was researching for my previous post, I posted that the identity of this aircraft ZU-ADY that I photographed at the 2002 SAANZ flyin at Matamata as a Teenie Two. I have since found out that this is not a Teenie Two (thanks to ZK-CKE for this info - see comments attached to this post), but is an original design in wood that was also imported into New Zealand from South Africa and is now stored in Hamilton.

In my previous post I mistakenly thought that this ZU aircraft was the ZU registered Teenie Two that is now owned by Mike Wilkins and stored at Matamata. In fact they are 2 different aircraft, both imported from South Africa.

Mike's Teenie Two was built by Johan Brink in South Africa where I understand it completed one test flight. Johan brought the aircraft to New Zealand. Mike also owns RV 3 ZK-PMH and Corby Starlet ZK-ONE, and says he has a registration reserved for the Teenie Two.

Can anyone supply any further details about either of these aircraft?


  1. Ah, Sir Minty.
    Is that the "Zulu Lady" then ??

    Have you per chance got a better shot of that script/picture on the engine cowling ?

    Mike also had the Titan Tornado ZK-PTP later ZK-KAA 2004-2008 ish.

    I've put a feeler out in ZU/ZS land about ZU-ADY.

  2. Yes, it was named "Zulu Lady" as I remember.

  3. Its certainly NOT a Teeny two! This aircraft is wooden construction rather than metal and has a fully retractable uncarriage. It is a One - Off own design. It is currently in a Hangar at Hamilton airport with wings removed. The plywood has warped due to the change in climate and it needs some work. Charl Marais is the name of the guy who owns it now.

  4. Thanks for your clarification Bruce. I had my doubts and that is why I added a question mark in the heading.

    However if this is not the ZU aircraft that is owned by Mike Wilkins and hangared at Matamata, does anyone have any idea what that aircraft is?

    Are you the Bruce Cooke of Avian Adventurer fame? If so how about posting some details on the blog?

  5. Yup, you got me!....
    CKE is a bit of a touchy point at the moment having waited about 9 months whilst various troubleshooting is carried out on the engine.Will fill in some details later!
    Mike in Matamata has both a Teeeny Two and a Hummel bird - that may be where the confusion exists. I'm not sure of the current flight staus of either of them, but indeed there is a ZU registered Teeny in the Hangar there.

  6. Dear ZK-CKE

    Thanks for your information. I have edited my original post to reflect the correct information (even if only for posterity!). I trust you can make progress with your own ZK-CKE ready for the summer!

    PS - Did you know about the first ZK-CKE which was a Bennett Airtruck? I can send you a link to a good website about the New Zealand Airtrucks if you want.

  7. Niel Esterhuysen31 January 2011 at 22:16

    ZU-ADY was build in 1994 By my father 2nd Lt. J.L Esterhuysen SAAF and was its own desighn. any one with more pictures regarding this plane can feel free to mail them to me for sentimental purposes . And originaly it was called the "Sparrow hawk". my mail address is