Friday, 31 July 2009

Question / Ponder time # 63

Your thoughts on this creation would be most welcome.
Type and registration required.

And as usual: If you are apprehended during the course of your ponderings I will deny any knowledge of your existence.


  1. Ok, pondering.

    Clearly, it's a trike. I believe it's a 503 with a gearbox reduction (but I'm no engine guy so maybe I'm wrong on the 503 bit).

    Going by the scene as a whole, I think it's a video capture, the video being perhaps early-mid 90s vintage.

    Given that age, I think the 503 with a redux would be slightly high end kit.

    The scenery, well, could be a lot of places, but I'd at least stake a small wager on it being in the Rangiora - Loburn area, Ashley river in the background.

    Given the "apprehended" mention, I could perhaps take a leap of faith and say that the pilot is a member of the constabulary, or perhaps was once.

    That narrows it down a bit, trike pilot, police, Rangiora area, money for what seems a fancier than usual engine for the day.

    Am I getting warm, or have I gone off on a totally incorrect tangent?

  2. Tis a Rotax 447 as previously fitted to the Pegasus XL-R ZK-FPN and was used to fly over the summit of Mt Cook in 1988. That was in the good old days when Mt Cook was higher than it is now.

    Local Christchurch scene, and as you suggest, probably out the back of Rangiora.
    The photo was handed to me during a clandestine meeting in Cranford Street the other evening by a wine drinking gentleman.

    The pilot is not a member of our local law enforcement agency (at least I don't think so). An ex member of the Bulgarian Military I believe.

    So I guess that means you are not totally wrong - but not totally correct either.

    Carry on pondering.

    Oh - the pic was taken recently.